Saturday, March 19, 2011

We are here at Chilamate.

Day 1 / arrival at Chilamate
After being picked up at the airport by Gio we stopped at a local supermarket and picked up a few goodies to hold us over as we traveled an hour and a half to our cabins. The van was bustling with chatter as everyone shared their treats but as the time passed and the darkness engulfed the vehicle everyone grew more and more silent. The road was windy and the traffic similar to the entrance of the Holland tunnel. The road to the eco lodge is the main artery to the Caribbean shore and is packed with trucks loaded with produce eeking up the mountain road at times coming to a stand still. Our driver, Rafa kept pace on the narrow road and eventually he turned our van into this wonderful resort. Meghan, Sarah and Tristan met us trailside and assisted us with our bags up to an outdoor banquet replete with melons and pineapples on the tables and a buffet of locally grown food ready to eat. As I write this the students are settling into their cabins and Dalienne and I are chatting outdoors with Meghan and Gio as we hear the sounds of the jungle and the constant surge of the nearby river. Tomorrow morning we rise at 8am for breakfast, a rain forest walk and in the afternoon we go rafting. Adios!  Jim