Sunday, March 27, 2011

Waterfalls, zip line, last dinner together. :(

This will be our last posting from the wonderful land of Costa Rica as we will be on a shuttle van at 6:30 tomorrow morning.

This is just a recap of today's activities.

This day went as everyday so far...according to plan. We climbed down to the base of the Fortuna water falls (700 hundred steps) and were treated to a swim with fresh fish at the base of this magnificent natural wonder.

We climbed back up and drove back to the Eco Lodge where we all did some chillin' in the rooms prior to lunch then onto the Ecoglide Ziplines.  After a very intensive equipment check and a test "zip" on a mini zipline we drove up to the lines. The course is made up of 12 ziplines that are broken up into eight short lines through the trees from platform to platform where we are unhooked and rehooked and sent off again. Then after the eighth zipline we came to the Tarzan Swing where your harness is attached to a vertical cable and you jump forward off a platform immediately dropping to the ground then up in the trees and back toward the platform again. I don't have to tell anyone what a thrill this was for everyone. We have a video of this activity. Then four more longer lines that gave you time to take in the magnificent vista all around and we we are done.

                                                                    Hannah on the test zipline.

Once we completed the course we drove back to the lodge in a van filled with the nervous chatter of people who pushed themselves to do something difficult and came out the other side successful and felt satisfied.

The day just ended with our final meal together during which we presented Gio with a few gifts and cards filled with heart felt words of gratitude and appreciation. Giovanni is a very special individual. His wealth of knowledge about the wildlife and culture of this amazing country gave us all a true appreciation for where the country has come from and where it is heading.

We were all very proud to have been a small part of this process.

And as they say in these parts...

Hasta MaƱana!