Sunday, March 20, 2011

Day 2- adventures

Our day began with a get to know each other talk in under the glorious palms that surround this serene world. Each person described the reason they came on this trip then some personal informal about our interests and passions. Gio then lead us to the Boot Station where everyone selected a pair of boots that fit them the closest and we were off to the rain forest. A personal favorite part of this hike was the way everyone instinctively remained silent as we listened to the frogs and birds. It's a wonderful feeling sharing an experience with others in absolute silence. Occasionally we stopped to look at termite mounds or green and black frogs, fig trees and spiders. We trekked for about an hour and a half and upon return everyone had some private time before lunch.  We are gathering now for our walk to the community gathering with the host families so the story of the rafting trip in the afternoon will have to wait.

Adios, Jim


World Leadership School said...

Thanks for these posts! Sounds amazing and beautiful. Look forward to more stories and adventures...
—from Julie and Clark

Johanna said...

Love having the blog.....thanks for all the updates! Rich and I have really enjoyed hearing what's happening. Please send Emma and all the kids a big hello from us.

Johanna and Richard