Tuesday, March 22, 2011

3/21 We're Lovin It!

Costa Rica March 22

 Escuela Linda Vista and Host Families. 

Hey mom and dad (it’s Emma) sorry I didn’t call or anything I was too busy. Which is a good thing. Costa Rica is amazing the weather is really nice but very humid, my hair is growing bigger and bigger the level of frizz CANNOT be contained. Olivias and I host family is very nice we have our own room and we are having a great time. Unfortunately my Spanish is not a good as I had hoped. I get so nervous and I say things that don’t make sense or I can’t think of the word. The gifts were over great the little girls were CRAZY for the bubbles. They were running all over the place saying “Bombas, Bombas”; which means bubbles bubbles. The food is so good this morning we had nectar, which is some type of juice, it was great we also had horchatta (not spelled correctly), which is a rice/cinnamon milk. I have eaten more vegetables in a couple of days, than I have eaten in my whole life. So you should be proud. The children in the school are very funny we taught them a game called Ninja which we play at camp. I love you so much

Dear world (or most likely parents who are reading this.)
Costa Rica is amazing, but more than ever I have never realized how truly messed up our country is. From food processing to the greed of corporate companies it all seems to be so wrong.  Don’t get me wrong. It’s not as if I’m anti America or not having a good time. It’s just that these people and their lives make me realize this in a way that I only noticed on a minor scale. Yesterday was the first time I  xsey       adu7oiop 74 1``1```1 the preceding part  is from Roxinia who is a 6 year old adorable girl in the house that I have been staying at. They are wonderful. The mother, Mayella is so accepting of us. A 21 year old mother she loves singing, dancing and learning English. Yesterday was Roxinia’s birthday and we had an English-Spanish word sharing session. WE HAD SOOO MUCH FUN. Yesterday as well we put up blackboards and played a new game with the kids at the school. The food is absolutely delicious and the dogs (even though I’m not supposed to be touching them….. and thus I absolutely break the rules on that front.) are sooo cute (despite the fleas.) In fact yesterday I was racing the tilapia farm dog home and she followed me, refusing to leave until Geo went back in that direction. Today we started building the tables for the greenhouse and yesterday we ate lunch at the tilapia farm. (mom, it was absolutely delicious. I wish you had eaten it!)   Anyway things here are good as I try to marvel in the splendor of the forests and TRY AND WRITE THIS WITHOUT BEING TICKLED BY THE TWO GIRLS! GOODNESS!
See you later- well write to you all later despite the fact that I have no sense of time and keep jumping around. Things are a tad hectic. Nice though. Anyway. Got to go. We’re making tamales!

Hannah (the dog petter, who likes my homestay family and enjoys confusing writing.)

Since we arrived I, along with everyone, have been having a great time. Though it rains a lot, and sometimes sporadically, the scenery is amazing and the people are even better. My host family is very nice, and very eager to learn about the English language, and so we have been having a great time teaching them simple words in English, and vice versa. The language barrier has not been as hard as I thought it would be, and I have actually been communicating with my family very well. Not only have we been having a great time with the families, but also with the school children. The school is very small and there are only about fifteen students and one teacher, but they are all very friendly. In general the trip has been great and hopefully there will be more great times to come
Buenas Dias,
                        From the second we entered Costa Rica on the plane, it has been nothing but fun. I haven’t stopped smiling. From our very first day here, I learned so many things about the people, the food, and the culture. Despite a few bugs, everywhere is beautiful and everyone is just as beautiful. No one is disrespectful. People are so welcoming and understanding. I try to speak only Spanish with everyone here and it hasn’t been hard to communicate at all. I had many fears like missing too many people, messing up when communicating, and of heights. Since the trip started, I no longer have those fears. I enjoy every second with my host family. Their two daughters keep me constantly on my feet. We are always laughing, singing, dancing, and coloring. Last night, I taught the mom English words along with Sam and Hannah. We did that for two hours and it was so much fun. She taught us some new words. The kindness and calmness in Costa Rica is unbelievable. It’s the people that make a place and I have to repeat myself by saying Costa Rica is amazing. At the Linda Vista School, the kids are really great. They have one teacher who makes the most of what she has. She also has a kind spirit. I think she is superwoman for the things she does for the kids. I’m so happy to experience all of the things I have so far. I feel more responsible, aware, and happy.  I have a feeling that there will be many more great times to tell all of you when we come home. I miss my family but I have already become a part of another here. I’m too busy having fun to feel sad! I think all of us are. I hope all of you are fine and I want you to know that we are having a great time.                   
                              Hasta pronto,                                                                               

            Everything is good here, working at the school and the other activities are very fun. We taught the kids a game from school (Ninja) and they seem to like it a lot. Although I can’t speak Spanish, the people here are very understanding and I am having fun every day.


Unknown said...

my heart is soaring at these wonderful posts! hannah: i yelped out loud at your very genuine thoughts - about the differences in our lifestyles. i am happy to read everyone's posts. and very happy to hear that everyone is speaking a lot of spanish. can't wait to hear about the building also! (hannah...don't get fleas!)
thanks for the photos and the video. made me so happy!

Johanna said...

Great to hear such fantastic news! Sounds like everyone is having a remarkable experience. Miss you Emma and love you lots! Jo and Rich

Unknown said...

Everything looks very exciting and you look excellent wielding your hammer. You'll probably learn some Spanish before you realize it. We miss you and send lots of love!
Julie and Clark

Unknown said...

What a fantastic adventure you are having! I look forward to hearing all about it in the future. In the mean time I'll have to content myself with using one of your rafting photos as a screen saver.

Unknown said...

Hi Olivia!
We are sorry we missed your call...if you can try again later, we will be in the car, so call on my cell. Hope you are all having a great time...enjoy the sun and warmth, here it is cold and rainy...with SNOW in the forecast!
Julie and Clark