Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday March27th / Day 9

                                                       Catarata Eco Lodge / La Fortuna

                                                    What beautiful sights to wake up to.

Hey All this is Samantha, having a great time in La Fortuna.  La Fortuna is so much different than Linda Vista was. Linda Vista seemed to be more rural, and filled with people living off of their land with the use of plantations and farms, while La Fortuna seems to be more of a touristy area. Though both are beautiful in their own way, I can say that I miss the community of Linda Vista. Yesterday, though,  we went to the hot springs and spent a good couple hours just relaxing and soaking in the hot water, which was a great way to end the day after all of the goodbyes we had to say in Linda Vista. So, overall, as the trip is coming to a close, we are all having a great time, but also just really excited to see our parents.

I cried. Twice. Once after the party at the school. The second as we left our families. Leaving such a great host family just makes you very sad. They were so absolutely wonderful! The way that they took care of us was spectacular and we really became close with them. For our last night we sang kareoki and now Chelsea, Sam and I can't get those songs out of our heads. After that we transported to La Fortuna (that's what it says on the itinery despite the fact that the word transport to me means the star trek transporter.) It's a tourist town but it is very nice. Yeeeesssssssssss. We went to a hot spring. I went in a few, went on the water slide, explored, and talked with Chelsea. Then we went to foooooooood. Very good. Also we went shopping where I picked up some gifts (NO SPOILERS ABOUT GIFTS ARE IN THE TRANSMISSION.) And today shall be a NEW ADVENTURE! HAZZAAA! *sticks hands triumphantly in the air* It will be great and I'll enjoy my day today (like I wouldn't!) considering that it's my last. SEE YOU SOOON!
Hannah the slightly sleepy and thinks that she's funny.
P.s. So sorry we got cut off on the phone family! The phone ran out of battery. :P
tell you more later.

everything is good in La Fortuna, even though it is really different than Linda Vista. This is more of a tourist place, but there's hot water which is good. Also, yesterday we went to the hot springs which was very relaxing after a week of working at the school. I'm so excited for zip lining today as well!

Hey parentals  (Jo, Rich)
Were in La fortuna it is very nice almost like a hotel, I have taken 3 hot showers is was pretty EPIC.  The weather is nice not to hot. Yesterday we went to the hot springs, that was fun but I forgot to pack a bathing-suit bottom so I had to wear shorts I felt a little silly. The water in the pools was really hot, there were lots of people there many other groups of kids on school trips and families on vacation. I'm very excited to come home and see you but I am also sad to leave. I'm so happy I've got pretty tan you can see freckles on my nose and some freckles have appeared on my hands. When I come home ya'll is gonna look like a bunch pale peeps and I will be all brown and freckled. Leaving our home stays was a little sad, but I think I will make it through the hot shower defiantly helped dry my tears. sadly we haven't seen many animals we saw some monkeys but they were very far away so it doesn't really count. Hopefully the fire at the Miami airport won't affect out flight, Costa Rica is really beautiful but I feel that it is time to go home, our mission of community service is over so now were just chillin. see you soon
xoxoxxo Emma

Hola Todos (& Hi Mommy),
                                              We left Linda Vista yesterday morning and we are currently in La Fortuna. I was a bit sad when we left our home stay family but I think its time we come home. Being with them made me learn many new things. I learned a lot more spanish, how different other people's lives are, and etc. However, it made me miss my family seeing how much love was there. I'm feeling really happy about the work we accomplished at the Linda Vista School and I know we are all very proud. Costa Rica has been an amazing experience. Our last night there we had a fiesta which was really fun. I sang for everyone and many people sang as well. I was nervous to but I decided that I should because I can't just go back to that time and have that same opportunity again. It was really great there. Yesterday, we went to The Baldi, a spa and hotel where we relaxed in the water. It was nice just to have a day to ourselves. After that we ate and went shopping. I went a little crazy with the shopping but I bargained a lot and shopped around. I really enjoyed shopping and I bought my mom a lot of stuff because I felt like she was my missing piece here. I'm not homesick but I'm ready to be home to share everything with all of you. The creepy crawlers, the confessions of shopaholics (Hannah & I), the sad days, the kids, the working days,the singing, and the goodbyes. I hope all of you guys are fine and not worried about us at all. The trip has been great and hopefully we'll see you tomorrow.
                                                        With love,


Unknown said...

miss you too but know that this has been such a special time for the whole group. in my life, i never thought anyone would call hannah a 'shopoholic'! what does chelsea know that i don't?! whose head (or knee?) is that lizard sitting on? the hot showers and chill time sound pretty wonderful after the homestays. it's cold here in brooklyn so enjoy that yummy warm weather. can't wait to hear about the volcano and ziplining. we're waiting to hear whether the miami fire affects your flights. if so, just enjoy yourselves whereever you are. you never know what adventure awaits. thanks for the blog posts and the photos. happy.


World Leadership School said...

That would be Jim's knee.

Unknown said...

Hello! Thanks so much for the great posts, and pictures. We can't wait for arrival back in lovely New York City, and look forward to many more stories.

As reminder, Olivia - we are not back home til Monday afternoon (back from 4 days in Montauk), so please call cell numbers as needed to give us updates on arrival time (if in fact your return is delayed due to MIA fire) -- if we don't hear from you by email or through the blog.

Since no one has phones (and I can't remember phone numbers), here's mom's, as a reminder: 646.469.0803.

Keep us posted! The pics and stories are truly amazing. Can't wait to hear more!

Clark + Julie